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Sunday, May 3, 2015


Normal is anything but this book. In Graeme Cameron's first novel Normal, he walks us through the life of an average everyday guy; the guy you walk past on the street or bump into in the supermarket and never even realize he might have girls locked in his basement. We never learn the name of our main point of view, but we learn all about him; we learn what makes him tick. When we witness Sarah, his first killing, we also witness the kidnapping of her best friend Erica. He and Erica obviously don't have the best relationship, considering he just kidnapped her and all... But eventually, they begin to grow together until Rachel enters the picture. He is absolutely head over heels for Rachel and loves everything about her. Yet he continuously forgets about Erica starving in his basement. He has to decide what he truly wants to do. Continue battling with Erica or start living for Rachel?

Honestly, this book was not everything I hoped it would be. But I really enjoyed reading from a serial killer/kidnapper perspective. I know everyone who reads this says the same thing, "You honestly find yourself rooting for the killer without even realizing it." It's true though! He has a dark side that could leave you feeling chilled at some points. Yet, everything about him is absolutely average, plain, pleasant even.  He's just Normal. 

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