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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Knife of Never Letting Go

Every wonder what other people are thinking? Well, Young Todd knows all about that. Being the last boy in a town of all men, he hears the others thoughts. In fact, everyone can hear thoughts. This "noise" is a never ending world of chaos and confusion. After sensing something was wrong, he gets sent off on a mad chase to find New Haven. While traveling with his loyal dog, Manchee, they find a girl. The first girl Todd has ever seen. Todd, Manchee, and the girl have to fend for themselves in the crazy New World. We watch them try to survive with no knowledge of what to do or where they are headed. Running on, we watch the girl struggle with the loss of her parents, and Todd's inner struggle with himself. The love they share with each other is one that you will never forget. Patrick Ness does an excellent job of making the characters vulnerable and believable. The twist at the end will make you want to finish the entire trilogy. Keep waiting for the next two summaries. :)

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